Vacuum furnace part precautions and maintenance

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Vacuum furnace is a very important vacuum equipment in vacuum acquisition and electric heating. Then its maintenance and maintenance is key.

1 Operators should take good care of the equipment, should keep clean and tidy, stove cover, control cabinet is not allowed to place heavy objects, debris.

2 Regularly clean the vacuum valve of the pumping system, often pay attention to the lubricating oil of the vacuum pump, and do not dry out the oil; Vacuum pump stop for a long time before starting, it is necessary to move the button to rotate the vacuum pump in order to confirm that there is no stuck or damage. When the pumping efficiency is low, it is necessary to check whether the pumping pipeline is blocked in the removal of the vacuum pump, lack of oil, etc., especially the turning point of the pipeline should be disassembled for inspection.

3 If the vacuum pump is out of service for a long time, the pump outlet cover should be placed on the furnace body to protect the vacuum to avoid rust. If the pump is stopped in cold weather, water should be released to prevent freezing and cracking. Prevent hard particles from entering the pump, so as not to damage the parts. Clean up the debris on the pump regularly with clean water and maintain the vacuum pump.

4 Long-term use of vacuum pump will cause wear of the seal ring, should pay attention to regular inspection or replacement of the seal ring. Otherwise, the vacuum pump will produce water leakage and other phenomena. If there is abnormal sound in the pump, the parts in the pump may be damaged or there is foreign matter in the pump, at this time, the pump should be disassembled in time to check.

5 When the vacuum pump is running, the water temperature is strictly prohibited. This pump uses mechanical seal, absolutely do not allow waterless operation or water quality is too dirty operation, otherwise it is easy to damage. Because the water tank and valve should be cleaned regularly to maintain a clean environment.

6 Regularly clean the pneumatic valve or solenoid valve of the vacuum system, and regularly check whether the furnace body, pipes, joints, etc., are leaking.

7 After each vacuum pump runs for a period of time, due to inspection, the most important check oil level, etc., the rotating part must be lubricated frequently.

8 After the use of molybdenum resistance wire heating, the material becomes brittle, so it is not allowed to collide, so as not to break. When the fracture or poor contact is found, the furnace should be cooled, and the furnace door or bell jar should be opened for maintenance.

9 When the electric furnace pit seeps water, it should be drained in time to prevent the electrical line from being damp and short circuit. It also has an impact on the vacuum system, the vacuum of the furnace body is slowly pumped into the water, and the vacuum can be restored after heating and baking. The vacuum pump water directly affects the vacuum, and it is necessary to clean the pipeline, clean the real empty pump, and replace the vacuum pump oil.