How to improve the vacuum degree of vacuum furnace

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The level of vacuum degree is related to the production capacity of the device, so how to improve the vacuum degree of vacuum furnace is a very important topic in the production process.

There are two ways to increase the temperature difference of the system in the evaporation process of vacuum furnace: one is to increase the heating steam pressure, and the other is to increase the final vacuum degree. However, increasing the steam pressure of the first effect will lead to the increase of the temperature of the later effects, and the improvement of the production capacity is not obvious, but will cause the scaling increase, the operation cycle is shortened, and the corrosion of the equipment is increased. Therefore, increasing the vacuum degree is the first choice to increase the total temperature difference of the system.

In recent years, manufacturers have used a new type of atmospheric mixer to replace the traditional mixer and achieved better results. The new type of mixer is actually to replace the sprinkler plate with the nozzle, the cooling water through the shape of the nozzle distributed in the mixer to form a water mist, which greatly increases the vapor liquid contact area of the cooling water and the secondary steam, improves the utilization efficiency of the cooling water, and the vacuum furnace thus obtains a higher vacuum degree. The experiment shows that the vacuum degree formed by the condenser is more than 2000PA higher than that of the traditional spray plate mixer.