Crystal growing Bridgman Furnace Directional Solidification Polycrystalline Ingo

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HT 1800 vertical vacuum tube Crystal growing furnace is a 1650°C max Bridgman furnace for thermoelectric material SnSe Single Crystal Growth, directional solidification of Polycrystalline Ingots up to 37mm diameter. Three individual controlled heating modules & speed adjustable cooling fans at vacuum tube furnace exit provide advantages to creating larger temp. The gradient at the melt/crystal interface as needed. An automatic crucible retrieving system enables the most convenient way for sample loading/unloading.

Crystal growing Bridgman Furnace for Directional Solidification of Polycrystalline Ingots 

Basic Specifications of Bridgman furnace:

Advanced Features Bridgman crystal growing furnace

-          Three stacked heating modules with independent temperature measurement and control enable the flexibility of creating various temperature gradients along the length of the heated area;

-          Two-speed adjustable cooling fans with TC at the exit of the furnace allow better control over the temperature gradient at the melt/crystal interface;

-          42mm Alumina sample pulling stage with TC attachment for accurate temperature monitoring of the crucible on top and generate instant temperature plot;

-          Electric elevated crucible stage enables an automatic and convenient sample loading / retrieving;


Power Requirements, 220VAC single phase 50/60Hz, 9.5KW

Working Temperature

Heating Element: by MoSi2 heating elements

Max. Working Temperature: 1700°C ( <1hr)

Continuous Operating Temperature: 1600°C


Processing Tube & Flange

-          High purity alumina furnace tube, Size: φ80mm O.D. x 74 mm ID x 1000mm L (or OD 100 / ID 90 mm)

-          A pair of stainless steel flange is connected to both end of the processing tube which allows for inert gas purging or vacuum during the crystal growing process


Sample Stage      

-          OD 42X40mm H Alumina Sample Stage

-          B type thermocouple insert from the bottom of the sample stage for accurate temperature measurement of the crucible


Crucible Retrieving Mechanism

-          Automatic sample retrieving system for easy crucible loading/unloading,

-          700mm max. travel distance


Heating Zones of Bridgman crystal growing furnace

-          Three heating zones with independent temperature measurement and control

-          Three zones: 300mm (12") long in total,        


Temperature Control

-          Three PID temp. controller with 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating, cooling rate and dwell time.

-          Built-in overheating & broken thermocouple protection.

-          European Temperature controller, with +/- 0.1 ºC temperature accuracy.

-          Three B type thermocouples (one for each zone).

Cooling Fans One speed adjustable cooling fans are installed at the bottom exit of the furnace


Furnace Travel Distance & Speed of Bridgman furnace.

-          As the furnace heater moves upward, the crucible is moving toward the bottom exit of the furnace where the lower temperature is seen.

-          The maximum travel distance of the furnace heater is 200 mm.

-          Travel speed: 0.03-3 mm/hr


Vacuum Pump (Not included)     

-          10E-2 torr via dual-stage mechanical vacuum pump (bottom right picture)

-          10E-5 torr via Turbopump (bottom left picture)

-          The vacuum pump is optional. Please click here to choose a vacuum pump.

-          For oxygen-sensitive material, suggest using recirculating gas purification system ( < 1 ppm) to replace turbopump

Compliance & Warranty of Bridgman furnace.

-          One year limited warranty except MoSi2 heating elements, furnace tube, thermocouple.

-          For single crystal growth, the rotation of the crucible stage is needed, an additional cost will apply. Please contact our engineering team for more information.

-          A board selection of crucible materials: Boron Nitride, Alumina, Zirconia, Graphite Crucible.