Standard size of Multi-leg sic heater

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The multi-leg sic heater are manufactured from two, three or four silicon carbide legs of exactly the same material and manufacture as standard Kanthal Globar SD sic heating element, each leg being divided into two clearly defined lengths of hot zone and cold end. All legs in any one element are matched in resistance value, to ensure that the load is evenly distributed, and are joined using silicon carbide bridges in a special process, which bonds the components into a monolithic structure of alpha silicon carbide. There are no jointing cements or welds which might limit the temperature capabilities of the finished element. The connecting bridges do not form part of the hot zone and can be used as end supports if required.

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The type U sic heater, manufactured from two legs, is a single-phase unit, although groups of elements may be connected to form a balanced three-phase load.


The type CU sic heater is similar to the type U, but has a shortened bridge for applications where only limited space is available.


The type W sic heater, with three legs, forms an effective star connected three-phase element.


The type M sic heating elements, with four-legs, can replace two type U elements, reducing the number of terminal connections, and holes through the furnace lining. The four legs may have identical heated lengths, or the inner pair may have shorter or longer hot zones than the outer, to provide non-uniform heat distribution, where required.


Note that the bridge depth ‘Ø F’ is not included in the hot zone length. Full details of preferred sizes and resistance values may be obtained from the element size list, and non-standard elements will also be considered on request. sic heater having non-standard leg center distances (D) and support slot positions (E), to match competitor’s multi-leg elements, can be supplied if required.

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