Five kinds of heat treatment techniques for vacuum tube furnace

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1, vacuum heat treatment

The application and development of vacuum heat treatment technology has been further improved and promoted, which has the characteristics of no oxidation, no decarburization, clean and bright workpiece surface after quenching, high wear resistance, no pollution and high degree of automation. Vacuum annealing, vacuum degassing, vacuum oil quenching, vacuum water quenching, true air quenching, vacuum tempering and vacuum carburizing are widely used in industrial production. Vacuum heat treatment is one of the most popular and important technologies in heat treatment workshops.

2, quenching medium and cooling technology

The ideal quenching medium should have the following characteristics:

(1) Quality type: fast cooling at high temperature stage, slow cooling at low temperature stage. That is, eliminate cracks and reduce quenching deformation.

(2) Environmental protection: no toxic, harmful smoke or gas volatilization, not easy to burn, the workpiece is easy to clean after quenching, no corrosion to the equipment, does not stimulate the burned skin.

(3) Stable type: the performance of the workpiece after quenching is uniform and stable, and the medium itself is stable in a certain period of time.

(4) Economy: high quality, high price, low energy consumption.

3, controlled atmosphere heat treatment

Controlled atmosphere heat treatment is mainly to prevent oxidation and decarburization, and to achieve precise control of carburizing and nitriding. Close to user requirements, targeted to launch a variety of affordable, diverse styles, superior performance of controlled atmosphere furnace. Most of the process parameters can be optimized, predicted and precisely controlled the distribution of carbon concentration, and the ideal concentration distribution and infiltration layer structure can be obtained. It can realize computer management, with simple menu design and friendly man-machine interface.

4. Adopt new surface strengthening technology and promote heat treatment of nitrogen-based atmosphere

The original tool surface treatment methods are limited to old methods such as steam treatment and oxynitriding, which can generally only increase the life of tools by 30% to 50%. Nitrogen-based atmosphere, used to protect heat treatment and chemical heat treatment, can achieve no oxidation decarburization heat treatment, and can avoid heat treatment nitrogen brittle, nitrogen-based atmosphere chemical heat treatment, can reduce internal oxidation and other defects, improve the quality of chemical heat treatment.

5, induction heat treatment and ion nitriding heat treatment technology

Induction heat treatment with high efficiency, energy saving, cleanliness, flexibility and other advantages are widely used in the automotive industry, construction machinery, petrochemical and other industries, nearly 40% of auto parts can use induction heat treatment, such as crankshaft, gear, universal joint, half shaft and so on. With induction heating, many products can be built into automatic or semi-automatic production lines, improve the stability of product quality, reduce labor intensity, and beautify the working environment.