Dual Tube CVD Sliding Tube Furnace with 4 Channel Gas and Vacuum System

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Dual Tube CVD Sliding Tube Furnace with 4 Channel Gas & Vacuum System is a special dual-tube CVD tube furnace system designed for coating thin film on the metal foil, especially for preparing flexible electrode on metallic foil on new generation energy research. Fast heating and cooling can be achieved by sliding the tube furnace. Please refer to the Operations Instructions section to see the operations of the tube furnace:

A dual quartz tube:100mm Dia. exterior tube and suspended by 80 mm Dia. interior tube. Metallic foil (Graphene Growth Substrate) will be wrapped around the inside the tube surface for CVD reaction.

The flanges for the dual tube, which allow reactive gasses to flow between two tubes ( 10mm space ) and the inert gas flow inside the tube for cooling.

4 gas channels controlled by 4 separate digital MFCs

The vacuum pump is included with KF25 adapter and pipe for plug and play

Sliding rail is installed on the bottom of the sliding tube furnace, which allows for fast heating or cooling by sliding furnace from one side to the other side.

One slide stopping clamp is included for holding the position of the CVD tube furnace.

Both the heating zone and vacuum system are selectable: Single or dual heating zone; High-Speed Oilless Dry Vacuum Pump or Two-Stage Mechanical Pump.