Size drawing of W and U type sic heating elements

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If Ordering of W type, U type SiC heating elements, please give us the exact size of silicon carbide heating elements, so that provide correct sic heater for customer furnace.


The minimum information required when ordering sic heating elements is as follows: For the multi-leg of silicon carbide heating elements, we suggest that provide the drawing because this multi-leg sic heater is not simple.


Rod / straight type sic heating elements

●Element type (W / M / CU / U)

●Diameter, mm (A)

●Hot zone length, mm (B / HZ)

●Cold zone length, mm (B / CZ)

●Overall length C+B+F, mm (L / OL)

●Leg center distance, mm (D / A)

●Slot (hole) position, mm (E), if have this please provide it.

●Diameter of bridge, mm (F)

●Length of bridge, mm (G), If have requirement, please give us.

●Nominal resistance, ohm (R)


For example this size of sic heating elements:

CU, 30 / HZ 500 / OL 1300, A 50, R 3 ohm

Multi-leg sic heating elements 2