What is Ceramic Fiber Board

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Ceramic Fiber board provide a rigid solution for ceramic fiber insulation. The board are manufactured through a wet forming process using alumina-silica fibers and binders. Standard board grades are standard, high purity, and zirconia. Boards are available in a variety of temperature ratings, dimensions, and custom vacuum-formed shapes. If you are looking for a board not listed or custom fabrication, please contact us directly.

The ceramic fiber board is an insulating material with good thermal stability, used in fire insulation projects, and protects equipment that uses high temperatures. Also, the product can use it in various industrial fields, such as metallurgy and the chemical industry. This product comes with several benefits such as reduced noise and low weight, which means it is easy to handle and use, stability and electrical insulation, and vibration resistance.

Ceramic fiber board is a lightly refracted material made of alumina-silica fibers, with a smooth, rigid surface and a high mechanical strength, able to withstand heat up to 1400 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic insulation boards are necessary for projects that use equipment that uses high temperatures, so if they are not used, they can cause fires or injuries.

Low Density Vs. High Density, Low density boards are slightly better insulators, but they are not as durable and heavy as high density. Our office always recommends high density when drilling, machining, or rigidizing ceramic fiber boards. If you have further questions in regards to your specific application, contact us.

It is an excellent thermal insulator with high rigidity, made of refracted fibers. It is used for thermal insulation of ovens, wood stoves, fireplaces, forges, pizza ovens. It is straightforward to cut. You can use a knife or a window or be drilled, thus making it possible to apply it anywhere you want.

Spectra Overseas produce it, the brand being Simond Store. This brand is famous for creating ceramic fiber products, such as ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber bed, ceramic rope, ceramic fiber paper, and many others, with tremendous success in the China.