HT bigger industry high temperature Bogie hearth furnace supplied to USA

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HT bigger industry high temperature Bogie hearth furnace are often used for sintering, heat treatment, annealing, normalizing, tempering and solution annealing of large parts or welded constructions. Our car bottom furnace Temperature can be from 250 to 1700 Deg C.


For annealing and hardening of larger parts, for example heavy cast parts or tool steel dies to temperatures between 800 °C and 1700 °C, we recommend our low temperature bogie hearth furnace with radiation heating. The bogie can be loaded outside the furnace. When the design includes an electro-hydraulic lift door and a motorized bogie, the car bottom furnace can be opened while hot and the load can be removed for cooling or quenching. When several bogies are used together with a second door or bogie transfer system, one bogie can be loaded outside the furnace while the other bogie is in the furnace. This shortens process times and the residual energy of the furnace can be used when the new charge is heated.


Characteristics and advantages of the industry high temperature Bogie hearth furnace:

One- or two-door design possible Bogie on rails, electrically driven

Support frame made of refractory material or heat resistant steel

Approved labyrinth sealing system between furnace and bogie

Efficient ceramic fibre insulation for low energy consumption and a fast heating up process


All of our high temperature Bogie Hearth Furnaces are delivered with complete documentation and CE – Certificate according to LVD, EMC and Machinery Directive. Our Bogie Hearth Furnace comes in several different designs; hatch/door which is opened vertically or sliding horizontally, manual door which can be left-/right-hung or permanently fixed on the end of the bogie.